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The Tempest 

Directed by Rhonda Roberts, March 2018 
Costume Design: Elizabeth Clark

Hair and Makeup: Anji Megha 

Lighting Design: Ellyse Jefferson
Sound Design: Elizabeth Clark 
Scenic Design: Allison Underhill

Photos by Allison Underhill


Craftwork- custom painted jumpsuits

Costume Crafts (above): 

Caliban's suit was designed to look like skin, and the pattern was made overlaying different stencils to look like scales. After the painting, I added nets to the suit directly, and then fur and body padding was added on top. For the SFX makeup he wore a bald cap and face piece that was painted to match. 

The Ariel's suits were designed to be reminiscent of the fabric used in Prospero's cape (left). Also painted to be scale-like but then dry-brushed over with purple and blue to add whimsy. 

Construction (left): 

I patterned and stitched Prospero's cloak, made of grey velvet and sequin overlay. 

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