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The 39 Steps 

Costume Designer & Crew Head

The 39 Steps is a classic farce comedy, set in Scotland and England. The main challenge of this show was turning multiple girls into men. 

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Blood Relations

Costume Designer

Blood Relations is a re-telling of the Lizzie Borden murders, and I had to design costumes that could be used both in the 1890s and 1910s.


Mamma Mia! 

Costume Designer & Crew Head

Mamma Mia was a fun production because it featured nearly 300 costumes with over 60 cast members. 


Moon Over Buffalo

Costume Designer & Crew Head

Moon Over Buffalo had a very diverse cast of characters, and it was fun to design a unique look and color palette for each of them. 

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The Tempest

Costume Designer

Getting to design the Tempest was challenging, because we wanted it to have an 1800s feel without having a definite time period. 



Costume Designer & Crew Head

The largest show I ever designed for was Spam-a-lot, with some costumes only on stage for measures of a song before the actor had to change! 

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Bang Bang Beirut

Costume Designer & Crew Head

Bang Bang Beirut was really enjoyable to design for because of the beautiful setting in Beirut, I got to incorporate a lot of bright colors. 

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Gathering Blue

Costume Designer

Gathering Blue was a difficult show to design for because it is set in a future world, so to convey this I not only used a strict color palette, but also a fabric palette. 

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Throughly Modern Millie

Costume Crew

Throughly Modern Millie was the first musical I ever got to work on, and tells the story about a girl moving to New York. 


The Hollow

Costume Crew

The first show I ever worked on was The Hollow, a Agatha Christie novel set in the 1940s. I got to work on some beautiful period clothing, and learn to use blood packs. 

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